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Educational Opportunities for Children and Families


For over 45 years, EOCF has served children and families is SW Washington through the Head Start, Early Head Start, Early Childhood Education and Assistance, and HotShots Youth Sports Programs. EOCF serves the entire family through play-based early learning programs that focus on the whole child, connect families to community resources, and provide opportunities for family involvement in our programs. EOCF serves families with low incomes and children with disabilities.

Green Business Features

EOCF is the first nonprofit to earn Clark County Green Business status.

  • The Green Team at EOCF meets monthly to keep projects organized and moving forward. They are a dedicated group of individuals who take greening projects seriously and work to educate employees, increase efficiency, and conserve resources.
  • EOCF has significantly reduced paper consumption by changing the default settings on the copier to duplex printing, storing forms and documents on the intranet, and working on paperless processes for meetings and for their purchasing system.
  • EOCF manages its office energy use energy wisely. A programmable thermostat prevents unnecessary heating and cooling when the building isn’t occupied. In addition, they have T-8 lighting and occupancy sensors that automatically shut lights off in unoccupied spaces.
  • All of their vehicle washing is done at a car wash, which protects our waterways.

Year Green Biz certified: 2013

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17800, Suite 150 Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard, Vancouver, Washington 98683