Cascade Sprouts


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Cascade Sprouts is a family owned urban farm that grows microgreens without GMO's, fertilizers, or pesticides

Green Business Features

  • Vertical growing uses less space, improving the yields per square foot
  • Hydroponic grow methods require less water than traditional growing methods
  • Water is reused for multiple rounds of microgreens, requiring less water overall
  • Grown without any fertilizer reduces the impact on the water ecosystem
  • Growing medium is made from compostable hemp mats.
  • LED grow lights on timers conserve electricity
  • Growing indoors reduces the needs for pesticides
  • Grow space is insulated to reduce the use of energy on heating and cooling
  • Single use items such as gloves are 100% compostable 
  • Products are packaged in 100% compostable containers
  • Composting is done on-site
  • We accept customer returned used containers for on-site composting
  • We strive for near zero waste
  • Trees grown on-site to offset carbon emissions. Team events to volunteer for tree planting events



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