WaferTech, Inc

5509 Northwest Parker Street, Camas, Washington 98607


As a semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) foundry, our customers partner with WaferTech to manufacture the computer chips that the customer has designed. Because we are able to focus solely on the manufacturing processes of our customer IC's, WaferTech i

Green Business Features

  • WaferTech reduced hazardous waste by switching their focus from disposal to reuse. They accomplished this by switching their vendor from a TSDF (transfer, storage, disposal facility) to a chemical company focused on industrial ecology and materials brokering, where their 'very clean' used waste (e.g. chemicals) could be used in other applications.
  • WaferTech participates in an annual survey through the semi-conductor association, and confirmed that they have reduced their hazardous waste disposal by 77%, primarily by recycling sulfuric acid.
  • WaferTech has an on-site de-ionization (DI) plant which allows for the reuse of 50% of water usage. Water is re-purified and reused for process water, cooling towers and scrubbers.
  • Hosts an annual Earth Week event for all employees.

Year Green Biz certified: 2012

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5509 Northwest Parker Street, Camas, Washington 98607