Fluorescent Light Tube Recycling Options for Businesses

Fluorescent light recycling is available for businesses in Clark County. Through Washington's LightRecycle Program, businesses can recycle up to 10 fluorescent lights, CFLs, or HIDs per day for free, at a Clark County transfer station or other participating drop-off site. These mercury containing lights are always dangerous when sent to the la...
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Everything You Need to Know About Paper Shredding

shredded paper
Did you know, not every item containing names and addresses needs to be shredded? And that shredded paper cannot be placed in the mixed recycling cart? There are certain items that should be shredded and handled separately from standard paper recycling services. Continue reading to learn why it is better to recycle more and shre...
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Tips and Tricks on How to Form and Manage a Green Team

Clark County Green Business has officially launched its green team workshop series! The first event, Forming and Managing a Green Team, welcomed three panelists who answered questions about creating values statements and setting goals. A speed networking segment of the event gave attendees a chance to meet and learn from a multitude of different bu...
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WasteBusters 2021 Challenge

WasteBusters is an annual challenge hosted by Clark County Green Neighbors that motivates teams and individuals to combat excess waste over the course of three weeks. Taking place from Feb. 22 – March 15 this challenge includes three pledges to choose from upon registration: food waste reduction, paper waste reduction and textile waste reduction. S...
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Green Team Workshop Series

Clark County Green Business is excited to announce the launch of a virtual Green Team Workshop Series coming this spring. Over the course of three workshops, topics will range from green team engagement, waste prevention, tracking progress and change making within your organization. We will introduce ways to strengthen virtual teams, provide resour...
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