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Field + Floral Design

Vancouver, WA

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Field + Floral Design is a small but mighty flower farm in Vancouver WA. They use their sustainably grown flowers to create one of a kind wrapped bouquets, wedding/event designs, bouquet subscriptions, and seasonal wreaths.

Green Business Features

Floral design is a beautiful art using the natural world as the medium. Because we use the Earth's resources for this art, we have an obligation to give back.

What makes us sustainable at Field + Floral Design?

  • Our wrapped bouquets are completely compostable, this means the paper we use is biodegradable, the ink for our logo stamp is edible, and we use compostable twine to tie it with.
  • We farm our own flowers! #grownnotflown
  • We dry as many of the flowers as possible to use in the winter
  • All of the wreaths we make are completely compostable, we use grape vines for the frame and twine to hold the flowers in place.
  • We source locally made or second hand for our vases, ribbons, and  twine.
  • We never use pesticides/chemicals when growing or for flower preservation
  • We either share unused flowers, dry them, or compost them. Nothing goes in the trash. 

Year Green Biz certified: 2021

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Vancouver, WA

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