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Fluorescent Light Tube Recycling Options for Businesses


Fluorescent light recycling is available for businesses in Clark County. Through Washington's LightRecycle Program, businesses can recycle up to 10 fluorescent lights, CFLs, or HIDs per day for free, at a Clark County transfer station or other participating drop-off site. These mercury containing lights are always dangerous when sent to the landfill and should be properly recycled.

Dangers of Fluorescent Light Tubes

Fluorescent light tubes, CFLs and HIDs contain mercury, meaning they are hazardous waste, but businesses have the option to recycle them under universal waste rules. If these materials end up in the landfill or are broken, mercury, a neurotoxin, leaks into the environment and pollutes the air, water and soil. These released neurotoxins impair brain development particularly in children, infants and fetuses. When properly recycled, dangerous lighting is crushed, recyclable materials are sorted out and mercury is distilled down into its purest form.

Proper Handling, Storage and Cleanup

To prevent used mercury containing lights from breaking, keep them in a durable container, properly dated with your accumulation start date and labeled as universal waste or used lamps. Your accumulation start date is the date you remove the bulb from use. You have one year from your accumulation start date to recycle lights.

It is important to have a spill plan in place, an accessible spill kit nearby, trained employees on site and the number for Washington Department of Ecology Spill Response on hand. 

If a mercury containing bulb does break at your facility:

  • ventilate and leave the area for 15 minutes
  • do not touch, sweep or vacuum the remnants
  • brush large pieces with stiff paper or cardboard
  • duct tape small pieces
  • wipe the area with a wet paper towel
  • seal the bulb and all materials used in the cleanup process in an air-tight container
  • drop off the sealed container at a LightRecycle Washington site, at your dangerous waste vendor, or schedule a pickup with a hazardous waste service provider

Available Drop-Off Sites for Businesses

There are several local drop-off sites for businesses. You should call in advance to ensure services haven't changed due to COVID-19 precautions.


For large quantities of lights or materials not accepted by LightRecycle, contact a hazardous waste service provider.

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