The Green Awards, previously scheduled for March 18, 2020 is canceled.

Join us at the Clark County Green Awards on March 18! Businesses and community members will be presented awards for their work to advance sustainability. This event is a FREE fun evening of environmental inspiration. 

2019 winners


The semi-conductor manufacturer has steadily reduced hazardous waste since arriving in Clark County in 1996. WaferTech purchased green power for all of 2018, and established recycling stations for block foam, food waste and electronics.

Large Green Business Award
(more than 25 employees)

Barre3 Felida

Barre3 Felida reduces waste by offering towel service rather than paper towels, and encourages clients to use water bottle refilling stations and reusable bottles. Barre3 Felida uses only earth-friendly cleaning products for their studio and mats.

Small Green Business Award (25 or fewer employees)

Columbia Springs

Columbia Springs provides environmental education to children and adults. They only use green cleaning products, repurpose recyclable items for event activities and crafts, and eliminated paper towel use in their administrative office.

Green Business Award
(nonprofit or government)

2018 Winners

Corwin Beverage

Corwin Beverage recycled 100,000 pounds in 2017, upgraded their 85,000 square foot warehouse to energy efficient lighting, installed hand dryers, started composting for employees, and added reusable dishes to their kitchen.

Large Green Business Award (more than 25 employees)

Hazel Dell Bikram Yoga

Birkram Yoga reduces their environmental footprint through Energy Star rated heating for their hot yoga classes, and state of the art insulation. They forego paper products, use hand dryers and use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Small Green Business Award (25 or fewer employees)

green award winners

2017 Winners

Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning

By providing carpet cleaning services without generating dirty wastewater, Heaven’s Best conserves resources and protects our waterways from potential pollution.

Green Business
Product/Service Award

Simply Thyme Catering

Simply Thyme offsets all it electricity use through Clark Public Utilities’ Green Lights program, purchases locally produced food when possible, and diverts food scraps from the landfill.

Small Green Business Award
(25 or fewer employees)


Cadet eliminated 90 percent of incoming block foam packaging and installed energy-saving motion sensors throughout the building. Cadet also protects stormwater by filtering roof runoff in a Grattix box.

Large Green Business Award
(more than 25 employees)