Recycling at work conserves resources and prevents pollution, so take action and make sure your workplace is recycling right.

Recycling Done Right

  • Stay informed about the latest recycling information and provide recycling training to employees at least annually. Contact  to schedule a presentation.
  • Post clear signage and recycling guides above recycling containers. Download and print the posters below or request them here.
  • Always place recycling and garbage containers together.
  • Never bag recyclables.
  • Conduct a waste audit of your recycling to find contaminants.
  • Know what items are required to be recycled. Find out more about requirements for batteries, electronics, and fluorescent lights.
  • Consider developing programs to recycle materials such as film plastic or block foam, which aren't accepted in mixed recycling. 

Conduct a Waste Audit

Doing a waste audit is the best way to measure the amount and types of waste your business is throwing away. The results can be used to identify where progress can be made to improve material and waste management. Your first audit will help you determine your baseline and inform goal-setting. Subsequent waste audits will continue to reveal opportunities to refine practices. Tracking annual waste audits can help show your waste reduction and diversion progress over time.

Clark County and Waste Connections will assist your business in conducting free waste audits. For more information contact Danielle Womble at (360) 449-8393 or email.

pdf Waste Audit Guide


Here are some examples of waste reduction that can be applied to all businesses:

  • Use durable/reusable dishes, mugs and glassware.
  • Drink tap water instead of bottled water.
  • Replace paper towel dispensers with hand dryers.
  • Ask suppliers to reduce their packaging materials in shipments to your business.
  • Eliminate single use plastic products such as plastic utensils and straws. 
  • Purchase products made of recycled materials.
  • Buy in bulk to eliminate packaging.

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