Recycling at work conserves resources and prevents pollution, so take action and make sure your workplace is recycling right.

Recycling Done Right

  • Always place recycling and garbage containers together.
  • Always keep recyclables loose and never bagged.
  • Know what items are required to be recycled. Find out more about requirements for batteries, electronics, and fluorescent lights.
  • Consider developing programs to recycle materials such as film plastic or block foam, which aren't accepted in mixed recycling. 

Conduct a waste evaluation

Identifying the types and quantities of waste generated at your business will help you understand the effectiveness of your current recycling and waste reduction programs. The information you gather in the evaluation process will be useful for determining where to focus your attention for making improvements. 

To conduct a waste evaluation, walk through your business, inspect waste containers in different areas of operation, and document your observations. What types of materials are being discarded? Look for areas of high waste, areas such as break rooms and shipping and receiving areas. Are there signs to indicate which materials belong in each waste container? Are the containers in a convenient location? 

Once you've completed your evaluation, you'll have the information you need to create your waste reduction plan and prioritize next steps.

Clark County and Waste Connections are able to guide your evaluation process and assist in the development of your waste reduction plan. For more information contact Marcus Merlonghi at or at (360) 605-5603.


Here are some examples of waste reduction that can be applied to all businesses:

  • Use durable/reusable dishes, mugs and glassware.
  • Ensure printers are set to default to double-sided printing.
  • Drink tap water instead of bottled water.
  • Ask suppliers to reduce their packaging materials in shipments to your business.
  • Eliminate single use plastic products such as plastic utensils and straws. 
  • Buy in bulk to eliminate packaging.

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