Stormwater is rain or snow melt that flows off roofs, yards, streets and parking lots into streams, lakes, rivers and wetlands, often carrying pollutants. Stormwater is the #1 threat to water quality in urban areas in Clark County, especially during the rainy winter months. Clark County businesses share in the responsibility of managing stormwater and maintaining filtration and catch basins on their property.

The following is a sampling of best practices to manage stormwater and prevent pollution at your business: 

 Pollution prevention

  • Reduce amount of impervious surfaces.
  • Catch oils and other fluids from vehicle and machine maintenance.
  • Surround hazardous waste with secondary containment barriers.
  • Have spill response supplies readily available.
  • Train employees on how to contain spills and call Ecology Spill Response in the event of a spill.
  • Wash water is waste water and must drain to sanitary sewer.

 Vehicles and machinery

  • Cover machinery and equipment stored outside to protect rainfall from picking up contaminants.
  • Don't Drip and Drive - Host events to check employee vehicles for oil leaks in the parking lot.
  • Wash vehicles and machinery in areas where water drains to a wastewater treatment facility (i.e. a regulated carwash, decanting facility, etc.).


  • Keep dumpsters and recycling carts covered when not in use.
  • Garbage compactors must be connected to the sanitary sewer.
  • Store hazardous waste indoors or in secure sheds.


  • Install rain gardens in areas of landscape that puddle or flood when it rains.
  • Use plants with strong root structures that prevent erosion and help water infiltrate the soil.
  • Eliminate use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.
  • Slow down water flow on the property using catch basins, riparian buffers, vegetation, etc.
  • Disconnect downspouts to infiltrate the soil instead of draining onto impervious surfaces.
  • Clear stormwater drains of leaves, debris and nuisance plants regularly.
  • Do not blow leaves into the street.

Raise awareness about the connection between storm drains and water quality by marking or stenciling your storm drains with this important message “Protect Stormwater - Only Rain in Drain”


For more detailed information about pollution prevention, maintaining stormwater infrastructure, responding to spills, landscaping, dumpster maintenance and surface cleaning visit Stormwater Partners.

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