Join the Clark County Green Business Program to assess your environmental practices, enhance sustainability and resource conservation programs, and earn recognition for your achievements. All businesses located in Clark County, WA are eligible.

STEP ONE: Register

Register for an online account on the Green Business website.


Once your website registration has been approved, log in to access the Green Business Application.


Fill out the Green Business Application. Don't worry if you don't have all the details filled out on the application— we'll go over a lot of that in person later.

STEP FOUR: Contact from Green Biz

After you submit your application, a Green Business program representative will contact you by email and send you a Green Business assessment.

STEP FIVE: Complete Assessment

Complete the assessment. This process will be accomplished independently and in collaboration with Green Business staff and program partners. We are here to assist you as you gather information about your business practices.

STEP SIX: Email Assessment

Email the completed assessment and any supplemental attachments to your Green Business program representative.

STEP SEVEN: Verification Visit

Schedule a verification visit. This visit will take place at your business and typically take one hour to complete.

STEP EIGHT: Promote your Certification

Promote your Green Business certification! Your business will be featured in the Green Business directory and receive a wall plaque and window decals.