Now that you are a certified Clark County Green Business, it's time to show off! Below, you will find some helpful tools and resources to share your successes with your staff, customers, and clients. Feel free to adapt these and make them your own.

Promote Your Green Business Certification

  • Send an email to your employees to announce your certification
  • Dedicate a webpage to your sustainability efforts and add the Clark County Green Business logo.
  • Display the decal and plaque in places very visible to the public - include on windows, doors, lobby areas, etc.
  • Include the logo on brochures, menus, flyers, videos, etc.
  • Create a space within your building to showcase your accomplishments - perhaps a bulletin board in the staff lounge
  • Promote your certification on social media such as Facebook and Twitter

 Download the Clark County Green Business Logo Here

Social Media Post Template Examples

  • <INSERT BUSINESS HERE> is proud to announce we are now a certified Clark County Green Business! We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and maintaining sustainable practices such as (insert practices such as composting in break room, printing double-sided, etc.) #clarkgreenbiz
  • Did you know that <INSERT BUSINESS HERE> is a certified Clark County Green Business? We are constantly striving to create a healthy, safe, and sustainable environment for our employees and community. Find out more about our sustainable practices on our website and be sure to check out the Clark County Green Business website to learn about the program. #clarkgreenbiz
  • We are committed to the environment and our community and are proud to be a Clark County Green Business. Check out our website for more information on what we are doing to conserve resources and operate more efficiently.

Employee Email Example

Hello everyone,

<INSERT BUSINESS HERE> is pleased to announce we are a certified Clark County Green Business! In order to become certified, we completed a detailed assessment and multiple site visits with Clark County Green Business staff. Thank you for helping <INSERT BUSINESS HERE> protect the environment and support our community. Here is a list of our sustainability practices and programs that helped us achieve this great accomplishment:

  • <Insert practice here>
  • <Insert practice here>
  • <Insert practice here>
  • <Insert practice here>
  • <Insert practice here>

It is important that everyone continues to do their part to keep <INSERT BUSINESS HERE> healthy, safe, and sustainable. Please find sustainability resources attached to this email to learn more about recycling, composting, and more. Let us know if you have any ideas for other green projects or initiatives. We appreciate your help and dedication to the cause!


<Green Team or Sustainability Lead>

Share your story by hosting a Morning Blend networking event

Hosting a Morning Blend is an opportunity to promote your business and sustainability initiatives. By sharing your story, you will help others refine goals and projects for their own workplaces. Typically these events are held every third Thursday of the month from 8:30-9:30 AM at certified Green Businesses throughout Clark County, but due to COVID-19 these events are taking place virtually. In order to host a virtual Morning Blend, you must:

  • Have access to the necessary computer technology.
  • Share information about your business and about the work you've done to benefit the environment. 
  • Be willing to answer questions and engage with others.

Share information about your green efforts on your website

Here are some great examples of Green Business websites sharing their green efforts and accomplishments:

If you have other strategies to promote your business status, please let us know. Email us at