Businesses can decrease air emissions and pollution by offering education and incentives to employees for vehicle maintenance, carpooling, using public transit, or using alternative transportation to get to work. Use the examples below to reduce the environmental impact of your business’s travel.

Encourage green transportation

  • Give employees gifts or other incentives to carpool
  • Provide prime “carpool only” parking spaces
  • Provide employees with public transportation incentives and directions
  • Add signs in parking lots that encourage drivers to reduce their idling time
  • Adjust work schedules to reduce employee time spent in rush-hour traffic
  • Purchase electric or hybrid vehicles for your fleet

Encourage cycling or walking to work

  • Provide bicycle parking
  • Provide showers for employees 
  • Offer gifts to employees that cycle or walk to work
  • Provide a bike repair stand and toolkit
  • Increase pedestrian signage in your area

Host green events

  • Check employee cars for oil leaks to prevent water pollution
  • Host an employee bicycle repair day
  • Volunteer for a road-side litter clean-up event to discourage throwing garbage out of vehicles

Share tips for environmentally friendly driving

  • Accelerate gently
  • Maintain a steady speed or use cruise control
  • Anticipate traffic and avoid driving during high-traffic times
  • Avoid high speeds
  • Coast to decelerate
  • Remove unneeded weight from the vehicle
  • Remove roof racks and trailers when not in use
  • Keep tires properly inflated
  • Do not throw litter from the vehicle
  • Cover loads to prevent accidental littering