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Food Waste Stops With Me Shares Resources to Prevent Front of House Customer Plate Waste

Did you know that ⅓ of food produced for consumption is wasted? 

Reducing customer plate waste is not only good for the environment - it is also good for your profit margins! Customer plate waste is a unique challenge because we don't always get feedback about why certain items were wasted while others were not. But there are some actions restaurants can take to minimize what is left on the plate while also saving time and money. 

In this new video from the Food Waste Stops with Me initiative, you'll hear best practices on how to reduce customer plate waste without sacrificing customer service or satisfaction. 

Visit for more food waste prevention resources or to request assistance from a food waste reduction specialist.

Food Waste Stops with Me is a collaboration between Metro, the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, as well as city and county governments to help food service businesses reduce food waste.  

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