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WasteBusters 2021 Challenge


WasteBusters is an annual challenge hosted by Clark County Green Neighbors that motivates teams and individuals to combat excess waste over the course of three weeks. Taking place from Feb. 22 – March 15 this challenge includes three pledges to choose from upon registration: food waste reduction, paper waste reduction and textile waste reduction. Start a team when you register and encourage coworkers to join the fun!

Along with these pledges there will be a range of weekly activities, including reflection questions, events with speakers from local businesses, and videos and materials to review. Each activity completed throughout the challenge will gain you points. Individuals to hit 500 points will be entered in a raffle to win prizes, including a refurbished iPad, an Instant Pot, and more! The team with the most points will also win a prize. This is a great competition for green teams who are looking for a fun, educational activity and team bonding experience. Read on for pledge and event descriptions. 

Challenge Details

Food Waste Pledge: To reduce food waste, I pledge to use or freeze all of my fruits and vegetables before purchasing new produce items.

Paper Waste Pledge: To reduce paper waste, I pledge to enroll two accounts (e.g. credit, banking, utilities) in paperless delivery.

Textile Waste Pledge: To reduce textile waste, I pledge to repair, swap, and buy second-hand clothes instead of purchasing new clothing items

Challenge Event Offerings

WasteBusters Kickoff Event

Tune in 2 – 3:15pm Sunday, Feb. 21 for the WasteBusters kickoff event! We will be welcoming Alex Luna the owner of Kindred Homestead Supply in Vancouver, WA to talk about conscience consumption and low waste behaviors! Alex's mission is to make ethical consumption affordable for all.

Repair Clark County

Join us 6 – 7pm Monday, March 1 for a virtual Repair Clark County Show & Tell. Learn from our guest speaker Terra who will share repair tips, upcycling projects and more. Bring with you an item you have upcycled or repaired to show off at the end of the presentation.

Dirt Hugger Virtual Tour

The third event will be a virtual tour of Dirt Hugger, from 6 – 7:15pm Monday, March 8. Dirt Hugger is the main composting facility for Clark County. Watch them turn your organic waste into soil and get the chance to ask all your burning compost questions directly to the source.

WasteBusters registration is now open! Click here for more information on the timeline of events and how to register. Prize winners will be announced April 9, with over 10 prizes being awarded. Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to lower your waste at home, at work or at both! 

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