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Green Biz Spotlight: LSW Architects

LSW Architects have impressed the Clark County Green Business community with their innovation and dedication to sustainability since being certified in 2016. Their goal to achieving sustainability is unique, as their methods encompass environmental conservation, economic security, and public health. Their incorporation of sunlight, energy efficiency, reclaimed materials, and more make their buildings both inviting and sustainable.  Anyone who has spent time in a bunker-like office building or school can realize the impact that surroundings can have on mood, and will so appreciate the fresh, inviting architecture being created by LSW Architects.
To complement their healthy design practices, the Green Team at LSW has implemented many creative projects to make their own office more sustainable. Composting, recycling, and reuse are normal practices for the 40+ employees at their Downtown Vancouver office. To reduce waste, single-sided paper is saved and bound anew into scrap binders for notes, and samples of various materials are donated to the non-profit, SCRAP PDX, to be used in recycled art projects. In addition, LSW has managed to cut down on paper waste through new technologies that allow employees to design and edit documents completely digitally.

LSW Architects work to make buildings that are recognized with national and international sustainable certifications. One such certification, net-zero energy (NZE) is an exciting movement to create buildings that are extremely energy efficient, producing all their energy on-site through renewable sources. NZE buildings are among the most sustainable in the world, and LSW Architects is working with Vancouver Public Schools to prepare schools for NZE and future use of renewable energy. This project is just one of many at LSW Architects that has a strong focus on sustainability, which is why LSW Architects is a green leader for Clark County.


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