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Green Biz Spotlight: Trusty Brewing Co.

Gary Paul, certified Green Business Owner

Community, sustainability, and beer; what could be better? When it comes to the greater good, Trusty Brewing Company has a little bit of everything going on.

Usually a brewery's biggest impact is the amount of water they use, but Trusty is unique. They were able to reduce their water intake by reusing cooling water to clean the brewing equipment. "That's what separates us from other breweries," says owner Gary Paul.

There are, in fact, a lot of things happening at Trusty that set them apart.

After brewing their beer, Trusty sends spent grains to feed cows at a local farm, and then takes the extra step of using that farm's beef on the menu. 

Upcycled grain bags

When grains come to the brewery in large non-recyclable bags, Trusty staff save the good ones and send them to local growers and artists where they live new lives as growing pots, backpacks, purses and shopping bags.

Besides that, Trusty goes the extra mile to support the community and the arts. Trusty sponsors local events including the CPU Race for Warmth and Clark County Open Studios art tour, and is a hot-spot for gallery-goers on the monthly First Friday Downtown gallery tour.

After all of that, it's obvious why they were Green Business certified in 2016. Drinking sustainably? Sign me up! 


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