HoSt Bio-Energy Systems North America

915 Broadway Street, Suite 200, Vancouver, Washington 98660

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HoSt Bio-Energy Systems North America is a technology provider of bioenergy systems for converting organic waste, such as manure, into sustainable energy and valuable raw materials.

Green Business Features

At our office, we are committed to being eco-friendly and reducing our environmental footprint. Here are some of the initiatives we have implemented:

  • Recycling Program: We have established a comprehensive recycling program for paper, plastics, glass, batteries and other materials to minimize waste sent to landfills.
  • Paperless Operations: We strive to minimize paper usage by implementing digital document management systems and encouraging electronic communication and file sharing.
  • Sustainable Practices: We are continuously seeking out new ways to improve our eco-friendly practices, such as eliminating disposable plates, utensils and plastic water bottles from our break rooms as well as using refillable soap dispensers.  Rarely, when disposable plates and utensils are required they are compostable. 
  • Green Awareness:  We have implemented a Green Team task force who strives to educate and improve our eco-friendly processes. 
  • Recycling Awareness: We had Waste Connections Commercial Recycling Educator present on recycling best practices to our colleagues
  • Green Transportation: We encourage colleagues to work from home once a week, at minimum, and to use alternative modes of transportation such as bicycling or carpooling to reduce carbon emissions from commuting.

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915 Broadway Street, Suite 200, Vancouver, Washington 98660

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