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Mackenzie is a provider of professional design services comprised of professionals in architecture and interior design; structural, civil and traffic engineering; land use and transportation planning; and landscape architecture. Anchored in the foundation

Green Business Features

Since 1960, Mackenzie has strongly prioritized its corporate citizenship in Portland and the greater global community. We have intentionally participated in job-producing projects that contribute to the economic vitality, environmental livability, and equitable access for individuals and businesses that lead to a more sustainable community.

Mackenzie’s approach to sustainable design emphasizes optimal performance and resource efficiency. We look at the building as a whole system and consider the interrelationships between systems. Our integrated design process and early design analysis enables team members to make key design decisions at the point at which they have the greatest impact on overall performance.

Mackenzie has demonstrated success integrating sustainability and the triple bottom line approach into project planning, design and construction. We offer project management and coordination services for LEED® rating systems, Green Globes®, and Envision™ Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System.

Within Mackenzie’s operations, we self-monitor our decisions from selecting local suppliers to reducing waste and recycling as much as possible. We monitor our energy efficiency and use within our space. For example, in our Vancouver office, with the cooperation of the building owner we submetered our space to precisely monitor and manage our power consumption.

Synthesizing our philosophy on sustainability, we have aligned our Vancouver workplace as a model of biophilia principles, allowing nature and environmental relationships to inform the design. We believe this approach results—for both ourselves and our clients—in responsive, inspiring workplaces that cultivate employee well-being, resilience, and commitment.

Year Green Biz certified: 2016

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101, #200 East 6th Street, Vancouver, Washington 98660