Reverb Rehearsal Studios

100 private, Vancouver, WA 98660


Your own high-security private band rehearsal room. The best security anywhere, complete with climate control for your instruments. Reverb Rehearsal Studios are located in Vancouver Washington USA.

Green Business Features

Reverb Rehearsal Studios provides rehearsal space for local musicians. Since the building is accessable to musicians 24-7, Reverb has done its best to make sure the building stays as energy efficient as possible.

  • Each rehearsal room has a switch to shutdown power to lighting and all the room's outlets.
  • The building has energy efficient T8 lighting.
  • A programmable thermostat keeps the temperature ideal for instruments.
  • Weather stripping was added to the door to prevent heat loss.

Also, musicians are encouraged to recycle as much as possible, and Reverb offers them glass and mixed recycling.

Map Location

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100 private, Vancouver, WA 98660