Vancouver Wellness Studio

800 Franklin Street, Vancouver, Washington 98660


Vancouver Wellness Studio is a unique place for whole-person healthcare in Vancouver, Washington. We are a dynamic team of holistic health professionals who work together to provide quality, cohesive care for the mind, body, and spirit.

Green Business Features

We use very little paper because all of the practitioners use electronic health records.

Our intra-office communication are usually via electronic methods to reduce paper use.

We have on-site laundry facilities for our linens that are used for massage therapy and acupuncture. We have a energy-efficient washer and dryer.

We offer the option to dry your hands with a single-use small towel that we launder on-site instead of a paper towel.

We recycle all mixed recyclables and containers.

The products we sell are all-natural and come from locally owned and sustainable companies.

The cleaning products and soaps and laundry detergents we use are all green cleaning products.

Our acupuncturist is also a graduate of the Master Composter/Recycling program and does education moments for the staff as needed.

Our acupuncturist also takes home what little shredded paper we do make and composts it with her garden compost. 

Year Green Biz certified: 2021

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800 Franklin Street, Vancouver, Washington 98660

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