Waste Connections Eastridge

12115 Northeast 99th Street, Vancouver, WA 98682

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Garbage and recycling curbside service to businesses and residences throughout Clark County.

Green Business Features

Waste Connections Eastridge is an office of Waste Connections, Inc. which provides curbside garbage and recycling collection in Clark County. The primary function of this office is to provide customer service and administrative support. Waste Connections Eastridge has taken many steps to be green, including recycling and reusing as much as possible.

  • Items are kept from the waste stream by donating items through OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace and SCRAP, a Portland-based non-profit organization which supports creative reuse of materials.
  • Instead of having disposable dishware in the lunch room, Waste Connections Padden has washable dishware available to employees.
  • Office supplies don't go to waste when they're not needed for one employee or project. The office has a space for used file folders, binders, etc.
  • Employees are encouraged to turn off & unplug desk electronics when not in use to reduce energy consumption. 
  • Individual reusable personal hand towels are available in some bathrooms for employees who wish to use them. 
  • Natural or eco-friendly cleaning/personal hygiene items are purchased whenever possible for office use. 

The green team engages employees using a monthly newsletter filled with sustainability suggestions, quiz & raffle, and news about what Waste Connections has been doing to improve their sustainability initiatives. The team also collects hard to recycle items from employees and makes sure they are recycled properly.

Waste Connections Padden also finds lots of ways to give back to the community. They sponsor events like Relay for Life and, in addition, managers give their time and alternate volunteering for Meals on Wheels.


Year Green Biz certified: 2012

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12115 Northeast 99th Street, Vancouver, WA 98682