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Green Business Spotlight: Cascade Sprouts

Cascade Sprouts is a family-owned urban indoor farm that grows microgreens without fertilizers or pesticides. They deliver to local restaurants and residents in the Vancouver-Portland metro area and sell at the local Vancouver Farmers Market. As of 2021, Cascade Sprouts is a certified Green Business. Cascade Sprouts aims to provide quality microgreens, edible flowers, and herbs that chefs want in an environmentally friendly way. Their products come from their indoor garden and are grown weekly year-round to be the freshest possible.

Striving for zero waste, Cascade Sprouts reduces the amount of waste they produce by composting on-site. Their growing medium is made from compostable hemp mats, and unsold products are composted on-site. They also accept used containers that are returned from customers. Cascade Sprouts prioritizes reuse by using grow trays and crop covers that are extra durable. The plastic film and cardboard packaging from third-party deliveries is recycled.

To conserve water, Cascade Sprouts uses a hydroponic growing method which requires less water than traditional growing methods. Water is reused for multiple rounds of growing the microgreens. Their tray washing process now recycles water, reducing the need from 60 gallons per wash hour to 20 gallons per wash hour. Cascade Sprouts also reduces their impact on waterways by growing without fertilizers and pesticides.

To reduce energy usage, they have LED grow lights on timers. The grow space is insulated to reduce the use of energy on heating and cooling. They also utilize vertical growing space, improving the yields per square foot.

Cascade Sprouts has a strong culture of caring about the environment and community. Employees are provided training on eco-friendly practices. The team is encouraged to reduce waste not just at work but also at home by composting, reducing water usage, using public transportation, and other green initiatives. The Cascade Sprouts team is dedicated to improving the community through volunteer tree planting programs every year.

Clark County Green Business is excited about the ways that Cascade Sprouts incorporates sustainable practices into their operations. To learn more, visit their site:
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