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Green Business Spotlight: Central Transfer Station


Central Transfer Station is one of three transfer stations in Clark County. While their mission is to provide reliable and environmentally conscious waste and recycling services for county residents and businesses, Central Transfer has also adopted many green practices to ensure a safe and sustainable environment for their employees and customers. 

Certified as a Clark County Green Business in 2016, the transfer station has continued to find ways to reduce its waste, improve energy efficiency, and establish strong community connections. They've installed LED lighting on the exterior of their building and are looking to incorporate more natural lighting. Central Transfer also partners with Gemtext, a local textile recycling company to collect small household items and clothes for reuse. Safety is of utmost importance, especially at a transfer station, and Central does a great job educating their staff on proper hazardous waste handling practices and providing safety data sheets that are visible and easily accessible for employees.

With the holidays coming up, Brian Treptow, Operations Manager, has some tips on what to do with certain items folks may come across:

  • Wrapping paper can be recycled if it doesn't contain any foil or glitter. Be sure to remove all bows and ribbons
  • Christmas trees can be brought to the transfer station as woody yard debris. Please remove any flocking and tinsel
  • Do not recycle food-contaminated containers. These include to-go containers, greasy pizza boxes, etc.
  • Cooking oil is accepted 7 days a week and needs to be placed in a clear plastic jug with tight-fitting lid.

Central Transfer is expanding the block foam program to include polypropylene and polyethylene foam:

  • Polypropylene is very similar to expanded polystyrene (block foam) and is usually used for automotive components, packaging, and cushioning
  • Polyethylene is a spongy foam that will not break when bent and is commonly used for insulation and buoyancy components

To find more information about Central Transfer Station, such as business hours and accepted materials, visit their website.

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