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Green Business Award Recipients of 2021


Each year, Clark County Public Health celebrates outstanding work of individuals, organizations, and businesses by presenting six Green Awards to people and organizations representing different aspects of our community. The winners of these awards are dedicated to advancing sustainability and are inspiring change-makers in the community.

Green Business of the Year (Nonprofit or Government Agency): C-TRAN

As Clark County's public transportation provider, C-TRAN has carried millions of passengers on their fleet of busses and vans, and sustainability is at the core of everything they do. More than half of their fleet is hybrid and have a fuel-efficiency of about 1 mile per gallon better than a regular diesel bus. They have also been testing diesel created from renewable resources as an alternative fuel source, and sometime in the next few years, they will be adding all-electric buses to their fleet for the first time! C-TRAN's green team is comprised of employees from different departments, and each member brings a unique perspective to accomplish a wide-range of projects and initiatives. Two of their main priorities are waste reduction and energy efficiency. C-TRAN a provides cigarette butt collection at Vine stations that are sent to Terracycle to be recycled. Throughout each year, C-TRAN participates in dozens of community events. Whether they are providing free shuttle service to fairs and festivals or planting trees around Clark County, C-TRAN is passionate about being present in the community because they are a part of the community. Thank you for all that you do, C-TRAN, and congratulations on receiving the award for Green Business of the Year, nonprofit or government agency!

Green Business of the Year (More than 25 Employees): Frito Lay Vancouver

Frito Lay's Vancouver facility produces snack products such as Doritos, Lays potato chips, and Smart Food popcorn. They have an active resource conservation team that identifies opportunities to improve water and energy efficiency, reduce waste, and give back to the community. In just one year, Frito Lay Vancouver was able to reduce their water use by 6%, electricity by 7%, and gas by 3%.This was accomplished by installing low-flow toilets, incorporating LED lights inside and outside of their facility, and having routine air leak checks. Frito Lay Vancouver also goes above and beyond with their robust recycling and reuse practices. They currently recycle paper, plastics, metals, e-waste, and office furniture. They also reuse their cardboard boxes up to 7 times before they are recycled! Giving back to the community is just as important as all the sustainability work they do. Several times a year, Frito Lay Vancouver hosts clean up events at their adopted park, Fruit Valley Park, and for over 25 years, they've contributed to Christmas at Open House Ministries to help those in need. All in all, Frito Lay Vancouver is every bit deserving to receive this year's Green Business of the Year Award for large business!

Green Business of the Year (25 Employees or Fewer): Harvest of Peace Microgreens

Based out of La Center, Harvest of Peace Microgreens is a small business that grows microgreens for local restaurants and individuals. Right from the start, owner Therese Livella knew sustainability was going to be a priority for Harvest of Peace, and she strives for zero waste in every area of operations. The packaging for the microgreens is minimal, and Therese offers customers reusable, durable plastic containers and glass jars. For growing the microgreens, Harvest of Peace has invested in high quality, durable trays that last longer than the traditional flimsy plastic trays. It is also important to Theresa to save as much energy as possible because microgreens require specific growing conditions that consume quite a bit of energy. She installed highly efficient LED light bulbs, added denim and rigid foam insulation to the walls and ceiling, and uses timers and thermostats effectively to conserve energy. Aside from her daily job, Therese is also a Master Composter Recycler and encourages others to learn more about composting and recycling. We are so thankful to have Harvest of Peace Microgreens in the Clark County Green Business Program and are proud to call them the Green Business of the Year for small business!

Check out the Clark County Green Awards page to find the full list of recipients and learn more about their sustainability stories.

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