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Green Business Spotlight: Analog Devices, Inc.

Sustainability is at the heart of daily operations at Analog Devices Inc. (ADI). ADI manufactures a variety of high-quality software, linear integrated circuits, semiconductors and computer chips. 

Considering the environmental impacts of manufacturing processes, ADI releases an annual sustainability report which includes information about environmental successes and sustainability goals. The 2021 ADI Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Annual Report states, "At Analog Devices, our products serve to improve people's lives and better the planet. We are committed to using our technology, people, and voice to protect the planet and improve quality of lives to drive positive change for future generations."   

 2022 Waste Audit

Over 300 pounds of waste was sorted as part of the 2022 ADI waste audit.

According to the 2021 ESG Report, 82% of waste generated from ADI manufacturing was diverted from landfill. ADI is committed to developing waste reduction and diversion practices that help meet the company's lofty goal of 100% landfill waste diversion by the year 2030!

Facility wide waste reduction efforts are data driven. ADI completed a waste audit of their Camas campus in July 2022 to learn more about the waste generated from their operations. The ADI waste audit collected all landfill-bound waste generated over a 24-hour period, which resulted in over 300 pounds of waste. After sorting this material, 4 of the top 5 items found in the waste stream included gloves, PPE, food waste and plastic film. To reach ADI's 100% landfill diversion goal, the company is looking to incorporate innovative recycling avenues to divert all gloves, PPE and film from the landfill in the year 2023. ADI is exploring ways of preventing, reducing and ultimately diverting food waste from the landfill. 

ADI Sustainability Intern Kristin Hutchinson pictured in PPE gear to prevent potential chemical exposure from the process of sorting manufacturing waste during the 2022 waste audit. 

Waste audit data can help provide useful information and data used to direct future sustainability goals. The waste audit was completed by ADI staff under the leadership of Kristin Hutchinson, ADI Environmental Health and Safety Intern, in partnership with Waste Connections. Kristin states, "A waste audit can provide critical information for reducing waste and improving the effectiveness of recycling initiatives. Using the results of our audit, we identified opportunities to redirect key waste streams towards recycling that will greatly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill."  

Waste audit materials including the scale, sorting equipment and PPE items were borrowed from Waste Connections. Clark County Businesses interested in learning more about conducting waste audits and borrowing equipment should email

Future Sustainability Goals  

ADI's operations consume millions of gallons of water per month. One of the largest sustainability goals for the Camas campus is to decrease water consumption by a minimum of 10% in the coming year. The 10% reduction goal will be accomplished through upgrading technology, modernizing machines and creating process changes that work to conserve water and use resources more efficiently.

Minimizing CO2 emissions is a main priority for ADI as the company strives to achieve a goal of carbon neutrality by the year 2030. The Camas campus is working over the next year to install several greenhouse gas abatement units on new and existing equipment that will make progress toward this net zero goal. 

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