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Green Business Spotlight: Barnick Chiropractic


Barnick Chiropractic, located in Salmon Creek, is a small chiropractic care office with some big sustainability goals. Their services include injury care, massage therapy, spinal rehabilitation, and nutrition support. Certified in 2015, they have continued to make incremental changes and improvements to reduce their environmental impact while keeping focus on their main goal of providing a high standard of service to enhance patient wellness.

When it comes to going green, lots of businesses have an employee who's a natural fit for taking on the role of green champion, and at Barnick Chiropractic they've embraced the leadership of one such employee. Her passion for sustainability made her the natural choice for leading the office towards greener practices.

Their small, open space encourages efficiency. For example, when enough natural light is available, overhead lighting can be turned off. They use green cleaning products, and they also make sure that shredded paper is collected separately from other materials and recycled. 

Reducing paper use is their current priority as they continue to transition to electronic forms and document storage. Patients of Barnick Chiropractic receive bills by email, and they've recently switched auto-claims for insurance to an electronic format. One day they hope to be completely paperless!

For more information about Barnick Chiropractic, visit their website, and to learn more about the environmentally friendly practices of businesses throughout Clark County, visit the Green Business Directory.

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