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Green Business Spotlight: Exquisite Crystals

John VanRees Jr., co-owner and Green Team lead for Exquisite Crystals, is accomplishing big sustainability wins with his small business!

Exquisite Crystals is committed to contributing to local and global efforts to protect the Earth's health and longevity. As a small business, John leads his employees to find collaborative, sustainable solutions for packaging, energy use, and waste. John is constantly upgrading their packaging to reduce plastic and materials. Recently, Exquisite Crystals switched to shipping labels that are entirely recyclable, plastic free packing materials, and post-consumer recycled boxes. They've also switched to using solar for 75% of their energy use and offset their emissions with the help of several programs.

As a B Corp certified business, John and Exquisite Crystals have dedicated themselves to positively impact their employees, community, customers, and the planet while mitigating the potential negative risks of their operations. They have also been Climate Neutral Certified for the past three years, committed to the planting of one tree in localities around the world, specifically from where they source their products, for each item sold. We are happy to have Exquisite Crystals certified as a Clark County Green Business since 2017.

Next steps for Exquisite Crystals? John plans to continue to identify ways they can be more sustainable and do good for the planet. He is looking into reducing energy consumption further by optimizing the use of high efficiency heating, cooling, and lighting, reducing their Scope 2 emissions, and continuing to find at least two areas a year to reduce emissions.

Check out more of the good work John and his team engage with in the years to come. 

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