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Green Business Spotlight: EYE Clothing Co.


EYE Clothing Co. is one of Clark County's newest certified green businesses. Based out of the Vancouver Mall, EYE Clothing sells a range of apparel including sweatshirts, jackets, hats, and more for both adults and children. They frequently collaborate with local businesses and artists to create designs showcasing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. By partnering with the non-profit organization, One Tree Planted, they offer customers the option to add $1 to their order to plant a tree. To this day, they have planted over 3,000 trees and have a goal to plant a tree for every purchase. 

In line with their commitment to planting trees, EYE Clothing also incorporates many sustainability practices in their day-to-day operations. Some of their practices include recycling all mixed recyclables and containers, using recycled content paper shopping bags and boxes, and requesting vendors to ship incoming products with minimal packaging. While EYE Clothing is already doing a lot to reduce their environmental impact, they hope to recycle more materials, such as plastic film, and find more ways to cut down on their energy consumption.

Although COVID-19 cause their store to close for a few months, they are now back open with regulations in place for folks to shop safely. To learn more information about EYE Clothing Co., check out their website.  

"No matter how great the peaks or deep the valleys are in life, it truly is a great day to be alive."

EYE Clothing Co.
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