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Green Business Spotlight: EYE Clothing Co.

EYE Clothing Company is a local screen printing and retail business focusing on providing high quality clothing that is produced with sustainability in mind and aims to inspire the community to make conscious choices. According to their mission, EYE Clothing "aims to spark the minds around us to be conscious of our actions and our thoughts."  

Sustainability successes

EYE Clothing Company's Clark County retail store, located inside the Vancouver Mall, has embraced sustainable actions that reduce waste, limit electricity consumption and minimize the use of plastics.

Several years ago, EYE Clothing stopped providing plastic bags for customer purchases. This change has helped the business eliminate the use of unnecessary plastics. EYE Clothing embraced the idea of reducing plastic bags and instead providing paper bags several years before the Washington state bag ban went into effect in 2021. Shifting away from thin plastic film bags allows the opportunity for retailers to provide thicker reusable plastic bags or recyclable paper bags, which helps to reduce contamination in the recycling system.

With an emphasis on waste reduction, all boxes from shipping are reused when possible.

The lighting inside the retail store is LED. Lights in staff areas are dimmed or eliminated when natural light is available.

Inside their suite at the Vancouver Mall, the thermostat is set to zero. It is important to EYE Clothing that their business does not draw additional power when the store temperature can be easily regulated by allowing temperature-controlled airflow from the mall hallways into their suite. 

One Tree Planted partnership

EYE Clothing has partnered with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted to support their mission to "restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world." EYE Clothing says, "We have partnered up with One Tree Planted Organization in an effort to be the change we wish to see in the world and do our part to contribute to global and local reforestation."

With every purchase made at EYE Clothing, a portion of the profits are donated to One Tree Planted. Year to date donations from EYE Clothing have been responsible for planting over 700 trees, positively contributing to reforestation efforts across the world. Learn more about this partnership and why this effort is important to the mission of EYE Clothing. 

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