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Green Business Spotlight: Field + Floral Design

Field + Floral

Field + Floral Design is Clark County's newest certified Green Business. They create arrangements, wrapped bouquets and wreaths made from flowers and other flora grown on a farm near Vancouver Lake. A local standout for sustainable practices, Field + Floral Design is part of a movement to rethink norms and reduce the negative environmental and social impacts of the floral industry.

You won't find dyed or imported flowers at Field + Floral Design. In the wintertime, texture and colors are added to arrangements by incorporating dried flowers, evergreens, and seed pods. Flowers grown on the farm need to include varieties that are visually appealing when they're dried as well as fresh. The flowers are also grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. These strategies require extra considerations, but the results are much more sustainable.

Materials for arrangements are carefully selected to avoid single use plastic and have a lower environmental footprint. Floral foam makes arranging flowers a cinch, and it holds lots of water, but the impacts to human health and the environment outweigh the benefits of its convenience. What is used instead? Chicken wire. Wreaths are made without any manmade framing, their shape and stability come from grape vines, which can be used more than once to make new wreaths. Kraft paper is used instead of plastic wrap for bouquets, and vases are either locally made or purchased secondhand.

Field + Floral Design is an example of an industry leader for embracing sustainable practices. To learn more about Field + Floral Design, visit their website.

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