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Green Business Spotlight: Tetra Pak

With over 50 manufacturing plants throughout the world, Tetra Pak Materials LP is a big company with big sustainability goals. Tetra Pak specializes in manufacturing packaging for food and liquid products such as milk, juice, and soup. Their Vancouver location first certified as a Clark County Green Business in 2012 and proudly shows off their Green Business plaque in their lobby.

Tetra Pak maintains an active green team to ensure they are meeting or exceeding their regulatory requirements and creating innovative solutions to reduce their environmental footprint. Over the last year, they have focused on waste and worked diligently to increase their recycling rate to 99%. In addition to collecting mixed recyclables, they separate corrugated containers, some wood, metal plates and scrap metal for recycling too. They also compost all their food scraps.

To reduce pollution, they eliminated all tri-chlorinated solvents and replaced them with greener products. They are also evaluating their production equipment, which they check every three years, to monitor VOC emissions and identify opportunities for reduction. VOCs are known to affect indoor air quality and can cause negative health effects.

While Tetra Pak Vancouver already has a lot of energy-saving products in place, including high-performance windows, motion-sensing CFLs, and energy-efficient equipment, they would like to explore more opportunities to improve their energy efficiency. Tetra Pak as a company has a goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. The Vancouver location is doing its part by purchasing renewable energy credits. Renewable energy credits allow companies and businesses to purchase their energy from renewable resources, such as wind and solar, instead of using fossil fuels. Currently, Tetra Pak Vancouver's energy offset is over 100%.

Learn more about Tetra Pak and their sustainability practices here.
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