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Check your catch basins and keep our waterways clean


Catch basins stop pollutants from reaching waterways by trapping sediment and other material picked up by stormwater runoff. Catch basins are the metal grates found in parking lots that allow stormwater to drain away. They also include a sump to trap sediment to keep it out of the storm drainage system.

Catch basins need regular maintenance to remove trapped sediment and debris. Businesses are responsible for cleaning catch basins on their properties to prevent pollution from reaching the stormwater system and streams. When sediment and debris fill 60% of the sump or when clearance from pipes is less than 7", catch basins must be cleaned out.

Why clean out catch basins?

Prevent pollution - As the property owner, you are responsible for cleaning your privately owned catch basins to keep dirt, debris, oils and other pollutants from entering the public stormwater system. Catch basins can lead directly to streams without treatment to remove pollutants.

Save on stormwater facility maintenance costs - If your property has a stormwater facility, cleaning catch basins is a good way to keep sediment from accumulating in the facility where heavy construction equipment may be needed to remove it.

Prevent flooding - By keeping your business's drains clean, you are preventing flooding, a nuisance to customers, and a driving hazard.

Protect pavement - Keeping your business' drains clean may prevent standing water on pavement. Standing water seeps into asphalt cracks causing premature failure of parking areas.
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