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Tips for recycling right and keeping our garbage and recycling system safe


  • Bag your garbage and tie up securely. Loose trash may put garbage drivers and the community at risk.
  • All personal protective equipment and sanitary products are garbage. This includes disposable face masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes, cotton swabs, facial tissues and paper towels.
  • All "to-go" boxes, containers, cups and utensils are garbage.
  • Flush only toilet paper. Items marketed as "flushable" do not degrade and will block plumbing and septic system pipes, which can cause costly damage.

  • Recycling, unlike garbage, should never be bagged. All items should be empty, clean and dry.
  • Hand sanitizer bottles, six ounces or larger, are recyclable. Remove lids and pumps and place those in the trash.
  • Aerosol disinfectant spray bottles can be recycled when completely emptied. Remove and throw away the cap.
  • Rigid, plastic tubs, such as the packaging for disinfectant wipes, can be recycled. Remove the lid and place it in the trash.
  • Additional resources for recycling right are available here.

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