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Register Now! WasteBusters is Here


WasteBusters registration is open! This annual online waste-reduction challenge allows you to choose a pledge to cut back on your garbage. Signing up means you reduce waste, and learn new habits for the better. This year, you can choose from three pledges:

  1. Eliminate single use cups by bringing your own mug
  2. Use no single-use grocery bags
  3. Plan your daily meals

Pick your pledge, sign up on the Wastebusters page, and let the challenge begin. It's just that easy! Promote WasteBusters at your workplace by creating a team for your employer, OR by signing up as an individual and join our Clark County Green Business group. 

And of course, there will be prizes! By earning over 500 points, you'll be entered in the chance to win a grand prize. Many other prizes, including Chico Bags, a Hydroflask coffee mug, and a Rocketbook reusable notepad, will be awarded to other over 500 point-earners.

But how do you earn points? When you post updates, photos, or other signs that you are fulfilling your pledge to the Wastebusters page, you automatically receive points. There will also be bonus challenges or polls where you can earn even more.

One way to earn plenty of points is by attending the Wastebusters Launch Party on March 1! This free event will feature food, giveaways, and a special guest speaker. Join us on March 1 at 5pm in the Columbia Bank community room (101 East 6th St., Downtown Vancouver) for this special waste-busting event.

The challenge will end this year on March 20 at the Green Awards. Earn 100 points just for attending, meet other Wastebusters participants, and enjoy this annual event meant to highlight some of our community's best environmental champions. Hosted by improve group Curious Comedy, it's sure to be a fun night!

Please contact Clark County Green Business if you'd like flyers to promote WasteBusters at your workplace.

Wastebusters signups will open on February 1, and you have until March 15 to sign up. Do your part to reduce waste, and pledge for change!

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