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21 Days to a Greener 2021 Challenge


As we enthusiastically await the New Year, I invite you to participate in our 21 Days to a Greener 2021 Challenge! Designed to make working from home fun this holiday season, this list will have both easy and challenging activities that green your holidays, homes, and workspaces in time for the new year. Be sure to share this challenge with your coworkers for some friendly competition.

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  1. Natural Lighting: While at work today, turn off unnecessary lights and keep light usage to a minimum. If possible, position your desk near a window to maximize natural light.
  2. Green Mailing: Prepare your gift list in time to use the two-week shipping option to reduce emissions from the atmosphere. Consider purchasing from local stores and bundle shipping when ordering multiple things.
  3. Bring your own Bags: Get in the habit of bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store. Starting in 2021, there will be a fee on single-use carry out bags at all grocery stores and retailers.
  4. Meatless Meal Planning: Make a meal plan for this week that includes one vegetarian day. Try out a new delicious protein source like veggie burgers, beans, or alternatives like tofu, tempeh, or seitan. 
  5. Go Paperless: Create a scrap paper drawer in your home office. The backsides of paper can be used to write on or for single-sided printing. 
  6. Energy: Consider purchasing energy efficient holiday gifts, reusable batteries for electronics, and battery chargers.
  7. Clean-Up Walk: Take a walk down your street. Remove any leaves and debris found clogging storm drains.
  8. Green Team: Schedule a virtual meeting with coworkers by the end of the year to organize your workplace sustainability projects for 2021. Check out the Clark County Green Team toolkit for inspiration.
  9. Support Local: Order takeout today from your favorite local restaurant. Decline utensils and napkins, and if possible, bring your own bag at pickup. Don't forget to wear a mask!
  10. Shredded Paper: Bring shredded paper to a transfer station for recycling; it does not belong in the recycling cart.
  11. Holiday Waste: Wrap holiday gifts in newspaper or spare cloth fabric, decorate old shoe boxes for repeat use, or use multi-use gift bags. Consider viewing Clark County's holiday waste reduction tips which can be found here.
  12. Goodbye Paper Towels: To reduce your paper towel use, purchase reusable paper towels or create a clean/dirty towel bin for wiping spills in your home. 
  13. Single-Use Cup Waste: Say no to drinks from single-use containers today. Drink tap water not bottled water, use a tea infuser, or make homemade orange juice. If you prefer filtered water, consider investing in a water filter. 
  14. Unplug the Charger: Lower the brightness on your electronics and unplug unused chargers from walls. Ensure all printer/copiers are switched off or set to sleep mode when not in use. Consider investing in smart plugs for your workspace.
  15. Layer Up: Lower your workspace thermostat by 2 degrees and add an extra sweater if chilly. Consider installing a smart thermostat
  16. Fridge Reorganizing: Dedicate an "eat first" space in the refrigerator as a reminder to consume before spoilage.
  17. Laundry Day: Place a dry towel in the dryer with wet clothes for the first fifteen minutes of the cycle to reduce drying time and conserve energy. 
  18. Rainy Season: Take a walk around your home. Are your downspouts draining into the ground? If not, learn more about disconnecting downspouts here
  19. Stop Junk Mail: Did you know both standard and electronic mail impact the environment? Clean up your mailbox and inbox to lower your carbon footprint.       
  20. Green Cleaning: Clean your keyboard today. Flip your keyboard over and gently shake out any debris. Using a cotton swab slightly damp with rubbing alcohol, gently clean around each key. For laptop keyboards, try making your own cleaning putty, or using low adhesive tape or sticky notes to clean between the keys.      
  21. Refresh your Recycling Habits: Spend a few minutes today refreshing your recycling knowledge by checking out Clark County's Recycling Guide, and testing your knowledge with a recycling quiz you might be surprised to learn something new!   
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