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Green Business Spotlight: Earth Friendly Recycling


At Earth Friendly Recycling, being green is the "nature of our business," says owner Eric Howell. Earth Friendly Recycling opened in 2011 to provide Clark County residents more flexible and convenient options for recycling items that aren't accepted in the curbside recycling program or the E-Cycle Washington program. They provide recycling for electronics, appliances, packing foam and data media cassettes via drop-off or their pick-up service. If you drop items off for recycling, it's free for most items - televisions (any size) are $20 to recycle. Electronics often contain personal information and sensitive data, so Earth Friendly Recycling takes extra steps to ensure that your personal information remains secure throughout the data destruction process. 

Our company is in business to positively impact the environment, ensuring the long-term sustainability of our ecosystems and availability of precious resources. 

Eric Howell

Earth Friendly Recycling became a certified Clark County Green Business this fall. It's not just the business they're in that makes them green, it's the way they do business. They identify items, or parts of items, that can be reused. "We are most proud of our stance of directing materials to the most environmentally friendly, audited, certified downstreams, regardless of profitability," Eric told us. Reusing items saves energy and resources needed for recycling and reduces the demand for new, virgin materials. To make their office space green, they use occupancy sensors to control lighting and use copy paper from incoming printers/copy machines instead of buying new. Eric told us that they haven't needed to purchase new copy paper in eight years! They also promote environmental stewardship and community involvement on their Facebook page. 

It is extremely important that we interact with community leaders and businesses within our service area to not only educate about proper recycling and data safety but to hear about potentially difficult to recycle goods and the relating problems that exist.

Eric Howell

‚ÄčEarth Friendly Recycling processes and stores all materials indoors, reducing the potential for hazardous materials to enter the environment. Since their founding, they've added to the list of accepted materials to include large refrigerant-containing appliances and three kinds of packing foam. 

Check their website for a detailed list of items they accept, and for information about drop-off and pick-up services. 

Welcome to the program, Earth Friendly Recycling!

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