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Green Business Spotlight: Wallis Engineering

Wallis Engineering has been named the Clark County Green Business of the Year in the Small Business category for their work to reduce waste at every opportunity within their business. Wallis Engineering has focused on waste reduction by expanding their recycling program to include items such as film plastic and block foam that are not accepted in curbside recycling bins. Wallis Engineering has also focused on reducing food waste by participating in a curbside collection composting program.  

Creative Sustainability Efforts  

2022 Clark County Green Business of the Year award is pictured in the Wallis Engineering office beside the Clark County Green Business Certification plaque. The trophy was hand crafted by local recycled metal artist Don Perry from over 95% recycled materials. The fish was carved from a dull retired lumber mill saw blade, and the base is a salvaged city water meter plate. 

Wallis Engineering truly embraces every opportunity to reduce waste and promote sustainability through their work. Wallis Engineering has even gotten a little creative by embracing innovative ways to motivate employees to go green!

  • Showers are offered at the office to encourage employees to commute by bike when possible.
  • A robust work from home program prevents daily automotive emissions caused by commuting.
  • Scrap paper is utilized to make notepads.
  • Usable computers retired from the office are gifted to employees for personal use.
  • Old engineering plans are repurposed as unique gift-wrapping paper.

Energy Conservation  

Large skylights throughout the office provide natural light.  

Energy conservation efforts are embraced throughout the office. The company's office boasts an impressive ceiling of skylights which provide the space with an abundance of natural light, reducing the need to rely on artificial lighting.

  • Lighting and devices are turned off when not in use; devices are also set to a sensor that will shut off lights when the room is not in use.
  • The company owns an electric vehicle which is regularly used by employees visiting projects and running errands.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations are available for personal use by employees who drive electric vehicles. 

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