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Clark County Bids Farwell to Danielle Womble!

After serving the business community in Clark County for the past 8 years, Danielle Womble recently said farewell to her position as the Business Recycling and Organics Outreach Coordinator for Waste Connections.  

Danielle Womble, former Waste Connections Business Recycling and Organics Outreach Coordinator. 

Hundreds of businesses and green teams benefitted from Danielle's creativity, support and expertise in waste reduction, recycling and composting. During Danielle's tenure, she provided technical assistance, account audits, and employee trainings to help people start or improve recycling systems at work. She also worked closely with businesses to boost their waste initiatives to meet Green Business certification requirements. Danielle was also the expert that many turned to for an answer to the age-old question, Is this recyclable? Danielle says, "I had the pleasure of working with so many [sustainable businesses] throughout the community over the years, and I am proud that they are right here in Clark County!"  

Waste Connections Educator Danielle Womble sorting waste as part of a Green Business waste audit. 

According to Danielle, assisting businesses with audits to analyze their waste produced was one of her most memorable experiences in this position. She says, "There is never a dull moment when conducting a waste sort. You need to stay on your toes because you never know what you will find. Some notable items I have found include a live orchid (pretty little thing came home with me, but I unfortunately have the orchid death touch, so it didn't last very long), nice work boots (which got donated) and a creepy doll (that went where it belonged in the first place…the garbage)."

The Clark County Green Business team thanks Danielle and wishes her well!

If your business has a question about recycling or composting service with Waste Connections, email  

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