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Greening your holiday parties

Clark County Green Business is excited to share tips for having a more sustainable holiday season, especially when planning your holiday parties.

The most effective way to host a green event is to plan for sustainability from the beginning. By asking questions, planning ahead, and considering the environment, an event of any size can be made more sustainable.


  • If you host an event annually, avoid putting the date on print materials and decorations, so you can reuse the same decorations year after year.
  • Rather than buying new, consider used decorations from thrift stores or online resale marketplaces.

Food options

  • Avoid bottled water where possible.
  • Purchase products and services that promote sustainability, such as fair-trade coffee or organic and locally grown foods.
  • Offer seasonal fruit and vegetables.
  • Consider how to serve the food for the least waste — buffet, sit-down, a-la-carte.
  • Bring awareness to employees by providing information on the source of all food and beverages, especially if fair trade or local.
  • Donate leftover food to a food rescue organization. Review the Charitable Food Donation page for guidance on accepted foods.

Waste and recycling

  • Use the Waste Connections event planning guide for managing and minimizing waste at community, family, and corporate events.
  • If needed, contact Waste Connections to request equipment from their event lending library.
  • Setup a system for collecting recyclables and food scraps. Reach out to our Green Business team if you need assistance for your business!
  • Research available waste options and know where to take materials.
  • Use signs for recycling and food waste containers. If you need signs, you can request free materials through our Workplace Recycling Resources Form.

Venue considerations (for offsite events)

  • Find a venue that shares similar values/policies as your business.
  • Ensure the space can be set up for composting and recycling.
  • Choose a venue that reduces transportation needs.

These tips, and more, can be found in Clark County Green Business's Green Toolkit. Check it out for more information about sustainable practices to implement in your business. If you have tips to share, email us at!

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