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WasteBusters 2021 Challenge

WasteBusters is an annual challenge hosted by Clark County Green Neighbors that motivates teams and individuals to combat excess waste over the course of three weeks. Taking place from Feb. 22 – March 15 this challenge includes three pledges to choose from upon registration: food waste reduction, paper waste reduction and textile waste reduction. S...
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Green Team Workshop Series

Clark County Green Business is excited to announce the launch of a virtual Green Team Workshop Series coming this spring. Over the course of three workshops, topics will range from green team engagement, waste prevention, tracking progress and change making within your organization. We will introduce ways to strengthen virtual teams, provide resour...
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21 Days to a Greener 2021 Challenge

As we enthusiastically await the New Year, I invite you to participate in our 21 Days to a Greener 2021 Challenge! Designed to make working from home fun this holiday season, this list will have both easy and challenging activities that green your holidays, homes, and workspaces in time for the new year. Be sure to share this challenge with your co...
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Green Business Spotlight: EYE Clothing Co.

EYE Clothing Co. is one of Clark County's newest certified green businesses. Based out of the Vancouver Mall, EYE Clothing sells a range of apparel including sweatshirts, jackets, hats, and more for both adults and children. They frequently collaborate with local businesses and artists to create designs showcasing the beauty of the Pacific Northwes...
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What can businesses do with electronic waste?

It's bound to happen. Your office computer finally gives out. Your point of sale terminal needs to be replaced. The TV you bought in 1995 is in a closet because it's beyond repair. Simply put, it's time to get rid of these electronics. But what should businesses do with electronic waste (e-waste)? Why recycle? E-waste contains dangerous materi...
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