Check your catch basins and keep our waterways clean

Catch basins stop pollutants from reaching waterways by trapping sediment and other material picked up by stormwater runoff. Catch basins are the metal grates found in parking lots that allow stormwater to drain away. They also include a sump to trap sediment to keep it out of the storm drainage system. Catch basins need regular maintenance to remo...
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Don't Drip and Drive events were held at Barre3 Felida and Corwin Beverage

Two Clark County Green Businesses partnered with the Watershed Alliance of Southwest Washington to host free  Don't Drip and Drive events. During these vehicle 'leak check' events, residents and employees found  out if their vehicle has a leak and le arned about repair options available from a third party auto technician. C...
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Green Business in the News: LSW Architects

 The Clark County Green Business LSW Architects has been making waves in the community with their development of Ryd , a free green shuttle service for people who work in downtown Vancouver. Ryd — an acronym for Rethink Your Drive — is providing downtown employees with a free ride to their office when they park a little ways away. The shuttle ...
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